Allergy and Asthma- What Should You Know about Both Diseases?

Triggers of Allergy and Asthma      

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The allergy and asthma are considered as inter-related with each other but this consideration is not true, although some of symptoms of allergy and asthma such as wheezing, shortness of breath and sleeping problems are similar but it does not mean that both infections are related. The triggers and causes of both diseases are diverse and the most important thing is that the asthma is incurable disease while all types of allergies are curable and this is the main difference between both diseases.  There is one common trigger of both ailments that is known as pollen but allergies can be controlled before the start of pollen season but in case of asthma you can only reduce the attacks and symptoms of asthma only on the small extent, in this article we will provide the comparison of both ailments asthma and allergies and we will discuss that how can you defeat or control them.

The patients of asthma know that they can experience asthmatic attack any time throughout the year but there are some types of allergies which are associated with some specific seasons such as spring allergies. In the case of asthma there is no need to specify any kind of season; however the attacks of asthma and symptoms of asthma increased or become severe in spring or winter. The rainy season is not dangerous for both ailments because rain will washout all the seasonal triggers of asthma and allergies and your symptoms of both infections will reduce in this season.

The Medications and Treatments are Different for Both Ailments

The allergy and asthma are totally different and this fact can be proved by their way of treatment and medication, the drugs and treatment method is totally different because a drug effective for the treatment of skin allergy will not be appropriate for the treatment of asthma attack. For the treatment of allergy, you can take vaccination but for asthma attack there is no vaccine and furthermore it is the heretic disease while allergies have not such background.

In the case of allergy and asthma, the air passages of patients become narrower and you can face tightness and inflammation in your air passages. Some patient can experience allergic asthma that will not be heretic and the cause of this asthma will be the intense form of allergies and this asthma will be caused due to the pollens and it is reported that almost twenty million people experience allergic asthma every year.

The common symptoms of allergy and asthma are cough, nasal congestion, sneezing, troubles of sleeping and breathing, sinus infection and ear problems. The asthma and allergy ailments equally affect the people of all ages and especially children are the main target of asthma, no matter you care experiencing asthma or any type of allergy the medications of all types of ailments have been discovered by the scientists but there is only need to take these medications at the appropriate time because infections become worse due to the use of improper medications.


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