What is Casein Allergy?

The main Cause of Casein Allergy

The casein is the milk protein that can cause allergy among adults and children but most of us do not know about this allergy that how can casein cause allergy and how can we avoid this allergy. The milk contains two types of proteins such as casein and whey, although both types of proteins of milk can cause allergy but it is not necessary that a person will be allergic from both types of protein. A person may be allergic either from casein or whey and allergies from both proteins is the rare case in medical history, in this article we will only discuss about the casein allergy and mild and severe symptoms of this allergy.

You can experience this allergy from all the things that contain casein such as milk and all types of product that contain milk and pizza also contain this protein therefore after eating these products you can experience severe allergic reactions. Most of the people have to face confusion to decide whether they are suffering from casein allergy or whey allergy therefore they totally avoid all milk made products but to confirm the type of allergy they can consult to their physician and take the allergy test to know about the exact type of allergy.

The casein allergy can cause hives and swelling of lips and mouth and these symptoms will appear in the initial stage of the allergy and after that you can experience abdominal problems and nasal problems which will be in severe form. It is reported that both types of allergies such as casein and why allergy will develop in the childhood and mostly this allergy outgrow when the victim get older. The problem arise when this allergy appears in the adults and in this age, the signs and symptoms will be in severe from and it takes long time to eliminate therefore take the beat and high quality medical treatment to control this allergy.

The Infants are Main Target of this Allergy

There are different causes of casein allergy in infants such as the use of milk will be higher in this age therefore due to the regular use of  milk, the body of infants become use to milk and their immune system become ineffective to fight against any harmful substance in the body that’s why casein develop the allergies in infants. As infants get older then their immune system become strong that’s why in older age this allergy will disappear without any kind of medical treatment and medications.

The severe symptoms of casein allergy include the bloating, stomach upset such as diarrhoea, wheezing and gas and it is reported that abdominal pain will be very severe due to this allergy.  Therefore, before eating any food item make sure it is milk free but milk is a healthy diet for the body therefore for the convenience of customers, casein free diets are available in the markets and you can buy them to eat other protein of milk without any allergic reaction.


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